Clinical Research Facility in Las Vegas

Sierra Clinical Research is located within the LV medical district. Our neighbors, Valley Medical Center, UMC, and the UNLV Medical and Dental School do make parking at our office limited. Please make sure to utilize all available patient parking areas when visiting our office. Our office is located near the 119 and 206 bus stops.

A person in lab coat and gloves working on some equipment.
A person holding up a microscope in front of them.

Our center has 3 exam rooms, 2 waiting rooms and 1 monitoring room.

Our monitor room can accommodate up to 2 monitors.

Our facility is equipped to keep patients comfortable for 12 hour visits with Wi-Fi and entertainment access (Hulu, Netflix, etc). Our waiting room has plush recliners to keep patients at ease for long visits.

For overnight studies, we have quiet convertible patient rooms with rollaway beds.

A man in lab coat and goggles looking at blue liquid.
A person in white lab coat standing next to some equipment.

Our laboratory is fully fitted with a refrigerated and ambient centrifuge, an incubator, -20 freezers and -80 freezers for laboratory specimens. Our center is experienced with complex laboratory processing and maintaining PK aliquots on site for extended periods of time. -20 and -80 Freezers are monitored with min/max temperature probes, which are logged daily.

Sierra Clinical has an onsite pharmacy which is temperature controlled. Medications are double locked and secure to site staff only. Our site has an investigational product refrigerator that is monitored with a continuous temperature probe, which is logged daily with full reports downloaded monthly. Ambient investigational product is monitored with a min/max probe and logged daily.

All study documents are archived on site for a minimum of 5 years and later moved to an Iron Mountain location. Study documents are kept in a secure, locked, temperature and humidity-controlled location for the integrity of documents.

A person holding an array of microplates in their hand.