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Clinical Trials for Metabolic Disease in Las Vegas

Our active study roster includes NASH (Fatty Liver Disease), Type II Diabetes, and Hypercholesterolemia trials. These programs are free for our patients and do not require health insurance coverage. We have found increased interest in providing more metabolic disease studies to our population.

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Participating in a clinical trial gives patients access to innovative medications for the diseases of today. By meeting with our research team for a prescreening appointment, we can discuss which research programs you may be eligible for. These programs are at no cost to patients and do not involve their insurance. Some programs may reimburse patients for their participation.

Sierra Clinical Research continues to expand its affiliation with sponsors and CROs. We have worked with sponsors such as AstraZeneca, Pfizer, Glaxo Smith Kline, Rebiotix, Novo Nordisk, and Janssen. If you are a sponsor who would like to learn more about our facility:

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